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Mr. Abarth


The Scuderia has been morally  supported by many friends. Special contributions to the following ones ...


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The Scuderia was originally founded  in 1963 under the name of Scuderia: Formula Libre.

During the years 1960/70/80 the cars belonging to the Scuderia were used for circuit racing and not rallying, and they took place in national as well as international racing.

The cars belonging to the Scuderia were:

1. Austin Healey 100 M

2. Volkswagen Okrasa

3. Fiat Abarth 750


4. Alfa Romeo 1600 Super


5. B.M.W. 2002 Tii


6. Alfa Romeo Spider  Duetto


7. B.M.W.323i Hartghe




8. De Tomaso Pantera





When the big sponsering entered the race world, the amateur had hardly any chance and due to the professionals the atmosphere of kind-heartedness changed into cold calculated racing and so our Scuderia had to retire……But since 1994 we are back, now with oldtimers and only for national and international rallying under the new name:   


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