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Mr. Abarth


The Scuderia has been morally  supported by many friends. Special contributions to the following ones ...


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Only two original models were made from the Abarth proto 030. One was bought in 1977 by Al Cosentino and shipped to the U.S.A. The whereabouts of the second one is unknown to us.

Through our good contacts with Mr. Pianta (pilot of this car in the Giro d'Italia in 1974) and Mr.Guiseppe Volta from Volta Racing we were able to lay our hands on the original foto's as well as drawings so that we were able to reconstruct this proto. This exclusive job has to be done by hand and was made in the workshop of the wellknown Abarth specialist Guy Moerenhout of Belgium and took about one year to complete. He made three bodies:
  • One was bought by the "Van Oers Group" at Essen, Belgium and brought under the umbrella of our Scuderia : La Fortuna, Belgio.
  • The second one was returned to Volta Racing.
  • The third is still in hands of Guy Moerenhout Racing,Belgium.
The original engine was develloped for Fiat/Ferrari/Abarth on the base of the Fiat 130 V6 with in the beginning with 3200 cc and later 3500 cc.
The engine form our Proto has 170 hp and  the chassis (number 32) is on the principle  of  the Lancia Monte Carlo 1973 design of the Abarth X1-20.
The Proto will take part in national and international rallying.






Mevr. Abarth is looking with European Abarth specialist

Guy Moerenhout at the progress of the restauration


Left lady driver Elke Visser - at the right Miss. Abarth

the president of the Scuderia and Roy van Oers, test driver and navigator


The car restaurated as of February 3rd  2007