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Mr. Abarth


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The first design of the OT 1300 dates from 1965. 50 cars were produced exclusively for the purpose of driving on circuits. The OT of our Scuderia is one of two still existing cars we are aware of, which was transformed from a circuit Abarth into a rally car, the other one was exported to America.

The restoration of this former museum Abarth has taken many years. Due to the wear and tear and the missing of several parts, these parts needed to be rebuilt, which was an exclusive and time-consuming job. Due to the big know-how of the tuning company Guy Moerenhout at Mortsel (B.)and his staff, this extraordinary restoration was made possible.

The result is spectacular and speaks for itself. As proud Abarth fans, we were rewarded at the World Abarth Meeting in Beaune (France) on 22 and 23 May 2004 by the guest of honour, the charming Annelise Abarth, wife of Carlo Abarth, who regretfully passed away too early. Annelise Abarth, under the eye of the press and the media, personally signed our OT, with the mentioning “number one”. A historic and happy moment!!

The base of the OT is once again from Fiat and the chassis of the Fiat 850 was used. The motor, however, is completely an Abarth product, rear, longitudinal 4 cylinders in line - bore and stroke 86 x 55,5 mm - 2 double weber carburators - 9000 rpm - top speed of 240 km – F.I.A. homologation Nr.229 – FIVA Id.card Nr.23677. Whereas the circuit car had a dry sump for rally use, we chose the normal Abarth sump.

* * *

“The reward for the restoration by the lovely Mrs.Annelise Abarth signing our beautiful Abarth  with the mentioning of “number one”