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Who was Carlo Abarth?  

Karl Abarth was born in Vienna, on November 15th, 1908. At the age of 30, and after a sound education at a high technical level in Austria, he left his country of birth and headed for Italy, where he started to work for his father. He changed nationality and became an Italian citizen (hence the change of his first name from the German-sounding ‘Karl’, to the more Italian sounding ‘Carlo’). After several jobs in the technical field, he established his own business, a firm called ‘Abarth & Co S.r.l.’, situated in Bologna, the beautiful University city.

If one asks the question what the uniqueness of Abarth was, one could answer to this question that Carlo Abarth was a magnificent tuner, comparable to his contemporary soul mates, Mr.Ferrari and Mr.Porsche. To give an example of Carlo Abarth’s great technological knowledge one can refer to the fact that Mr. Porsche asked him, in the year 1960, to design a Porsche for the race program of Porsche. This resulted in the famous Porsche Carrera Coupé Corsa. To design this race monster, Abarth received 26 chassis of the then 356 B Porsche. With this car, Porsche gained victory after victory. Besides several price-winning prototypes under the name of Abarth, Carlo also foresaw a lot of other car brands, like for example the Lancia Fiat, with high speed motors.

Our Scuderia, however, restricts its ‘action field’ to the smaller kind of Fiat, that is to say the Fiat Abarth 695 and 695 ss, the Abarth Monomille and the Abarth OT. In the spring of 2007 an Abarth030 was taken up into the Scuderia.

Between the Fiat factories and Carlo Abarth, there existed an agreement, so that the Fiat 500 and 600 models were delivered to him in an ordinary condition, but after the magic touch by Carlo himself, these cars left the fabric as small race monsters. Unfortunately, there exists no original register from the Abarth Factory, but with certainty one can say that a lot of cars were transformed. There were Abarths coming out of the factory and there were also a lot of other Abarth specialists, who, like Abarth himself, converted the cars with parts, sets and even motors delivered by Abarth. Because of the less fortunate time climate, Abarth was forced to hand over his factory to the Fiat concern in the year 1971. This implied the end of the manufactory of the Abarth 500 and 600. 

Fortunately, there still exists an exclusive group of people, among which this Scuderia, who still treasure the love for the now oldtimer Fiat Abarth and who give all of their heart to keep the brand alive, through restoration and renovation. As known, the level of price-quality of the small Fiats in the sixties was quite low, which resulted in a simple car, having a tendency for rust!!! Luckily, spare parts to replace the rusty parts are easy to find these days, like for example floor pans, trunks and doors, and this at a very reasonable price. But when one is looking for parts of the ‘heart’ of the Abarth, its motor, the market is very limited. Here a few specialists throughout Europe are the saving angels and the Scuderia is very lucky to  have Guy Moerenhout and his team nearby. In our opinion, he is the one with the most original parts you can find on the market. Add to this the immense know-how of this man and his team, and you have your perfect parts supplier and also a perfect tuner and restorer. Guy Moerenhout has a few Abarths, ready to deliver and he even exports cars to Japan!!

It is my pleasure to refer to the pages on this website called Articles and Rally's giving an overview of the happenings at which the Scuderia participated over the past years.


The owner, Koos Visser,

with the lovely Mrs. Annelise Abarth