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Mr. Abarth


The Scuderia has been morally  supported by many friends. Special contributions to the following ones ...



Welcome on the website of Scuderia La Fortuna

The aim of the Scuderia is to honour the oldtimer in general and particularly ABARTH.

The Scuderia possesses several original Abarths and participates at many national and inernational rally's to share Abarth and its original creations.

This website is in line with aforementioned purpose and acknowledge our passion and great love for Abarth's little monsters.

We wish you a very nice tour at our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kind Regards,

The Scuderia Team

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The Scuderia has been defined in the largest  encyclopedia of all times : Wikipedia   (Click here...)

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Up to now, the Scuderia has the following Oldtimers under its supervision:  


Fiat Abarth  695 - 1969.
Fiat Abarth  695 ss  - 1970.  
Abarth Monomille - 1961.
Abarth OT 1300 - 1965
Porsche 356 Cabrio  - 1957.
Kever Karmann Cabrio  - 1977.
Abarth 030 - 1974.

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